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Taking a detour

I have been doing a lot of thinking over the last few weeks about the progression of life and how, we as women, react to it. I think part of it comes from the fact that both of my kids are working on their careers and living their own life. My son graduated from college and just started his job and my daughter will be graduating in Dec. Another fact that has me pondering life is that I also have a birthday coming in Oct and it is hard to believe the number of years I have been alive!! I feel good and can still do almost anything that I want to so in that way I am blessed.

Some of the things that I have been thinking about are related to aging and what the effects of this are on women. Like makeup, clothing, fashion, loving the new you, are just of few of the things that we will be exploring over the new weeks. For those of you that follow me that some of these things don’t apply to I will still be posting cooking and crocheting things.

I am always looking for products that will make me feel younger and look younger but I also feel it is important that we learn to love ourselves just the way we are. If we can do this then the rest will be a lot easier. I have found that as I have learned to accept my extra weight that I can focus on other things that relate to my weight i.e. eating better, moving more ( not necessarily an exercise routing) but parking a little farther away from the door, taking the stairs ( when my knees allow), cutting down portion sizes. I know that none of this is probably new to you. It is, for me,  easier than thinking I will go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Yes, that is still a good idea but it is something I know probably won’t happen. So by doing some of these other things I can feel a little better about my health. For me, it is about the small things that I can do towards a better, healthier me that is more important than beating myself up for not going to the gym.

So come along with me over the next few weeks and see where this exploration takes us. I would love to hear from any of you about what things are bothering you or that you would like to know more about.


  • Lori

    The older I get the more I realize it’s important to appreciate where I am at. Remembering how hard I was on my younger self is odd since I looked and felt pretty great overall. Thanking my body for all the great functioning it does do daily is a new venture for me. Surprisingly, I noticed that I had a lot to be appreciative of. My body systems allow me to do lots of things while feeling and working really well. I’m finding that appreciation gives me more to appreciate.


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