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Legging – How to wear and not to wear them

So I think that leggings are a great place to start in this exploration of fashion for us mature women. I have to say that at first, I resisted the whole leggings thing thinking that I was to old or too heavy to wear them. Then I started to look at the way that different people were wearing them and seeing what I thought looked good and what didn’t.  My first pair of leggings that I bought I used for PJ because they were fleece lined and I live in Ohio and have bad knees so they kept my legs warm. This was a great discovery for me. So then I decided I wanted to know more so I started talking to women around my age (57) to get their thoughts on leggings. I found that it was a very mixed opinion. So like any good American with a smartphone, I GOOGLED it !! Just to see what others thought. So what is in the following post is what I think and what I found out that others think about leggings.

First thing is that you CAN wear leggings when you are our age – as long as you wear them in a way that is right for your age. But I don’t think that every print of legging is OK for everyone. Like I said earlier I use them for PJs so then the print really doesn’t matter unless someone living with you has an objection. Then that is up to you. But if you are going to wear them out in public I believe solid colors or a small print would be ok. I must admit I do have a pair of Capri leggings and the print is very busy but I wear a hi-lo tank with them that is really long in the back and covers up a lot. So if you are feeling daring go for it.

There are some basic guidelines that I like to follow when deciding on leggings and what to wear with them. First, the top or shirt needs to cover my back-end or at least most of it. I also like similar coverage for the front. So a hi-lo top could be perfect if the front comes down far enough. This length is sometimes called tunic length. If you look at this tunic you can see that it comes down past her back-end and as far in the front. Another option for a more dressy look could be like this tunic and then add some statement jewelry and dressy heal or boots and you are set for a comfortable but stylish night on the town. Or if you didn’t want to wear jewelry or maybe you were cold a scarf would also work well with either top.

So even though she doesn’t have leggings on in the first picture the idea is still right. The second outfit is same thought also in any of these you could do a bootie instead of the full boot.  The scarf is also customizable if you don’t like the big bulky ones then get a less bulky or lighter weight material or replace the scarf with some great large jewelry.

The idea is to have fun and play around with your look.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas for future posts.



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