Going back to my childhood


When it comes to the middle to end of summer I can’t help but think about the food we ate as kids ( I have three brothers). We didn’t have a lot of extra money but we always had a lot of food. My parents, along with our  help, would put out a large garden every year. I think that it was partially out of necessity and, I believe, my Dad really enjoyed it. So starting in middle of July when everything in the garden would be ready to harvest we would be very busy eating and preserving the bounty. I am telling you all this because it leads to the meal I am going to share with you and why it brings me back to my childhood.

Amount other things in our garden were green beans and potatoes. We usually had fresh meat in the freezer also.

My Mom was the master at taking a small amount of food and stretching it as far as she could and still have it taste good. One of the things that she would make was green beans and potatoes. Now there are a couple of different things you can add to this to make it a full meal. If she had a ham bone or hock that would get added. The ham would add great flavor and make it a complete meal. Later, as an adult, I have been known to add bacon instead of or along with the ham.

My husband and I went to our local farmers market last weekend and we got some green beans. So I decided to recreate my Moms’ dish.


fresh green beans – 4 cups after cleaned and snapped

onion – 1 medium size white onion, roughly cut up

ham – bone or hock are best but I have used deli ham and have had good results

bacon (Cooked and chopped) or just bacon grease left over, a about 2 tbsp of grease will add a nice richness to the dish

6 new potatoes washed and cut into bit size pieces

salt and pepper to taste


I cleaned the green beans ( just snap the ends off and snap into smaller pieces if to large) and then rinsed them.  Next you want to get a large enough pan to hold all the items you want to put in there and some water (about like you would with spaghetti but a little less water). I added some powered garlic to the water and turned on the stove to heat the water. After it has heated some add all the ingredients in the pot and let cook for about 15-20 minutes (until potatoes and beans are tender but not mushy).

Serve in a bowl with some fruit or a salad and you have a meal that will make everything in the world right again.

Ham, gr beans and potatoes



  • Lori

    Simple and yummy way to enjoy the bounty of the garden. Great idea Jenny. I’m going to look for green beans at the farmers market this weekend. Yum!

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