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Fall Fashion here we come

As I sit here in my office it is the beginning of the last week of Aug. We all know what that means. Fall is just around the corner (at least I hope we get fall this year). Kids are back in school, daily schedules change, we start thinking about Pumpkin Spiced …. and cider. The other thing that as women we will be thinking about is warmer clothes for ourselves and other family members. I always look forward to this because I like to think of my different season clothes as different wardrobes. So in the fall, when the weathers turns cooler I have a different group of outfits to wear that I haven’t worn in a few months. But that is not to say that we can’t add a few new items to freshen things up. I like getting a new top that I can wear with pants that I have or visa versa. That way you are getting another outfit but not spending a lot. The bonus would be if you could buy a piece that would go with several pieces that you already have.

I will soon be going through my winter and fall closet and trying on things to see if I still like them or they still fit ( I have lost 20 lbs since last fall). I will also be looking for items that maybe I didn’t wear last year and not sure if I want to keep. That will be the give away pile. I try to do this every season but don’t always get it done. Sometimes, if you are like me and struggle  with your weight or self-image, this is not a fun thing to do. My recent weight loss has helped with that but still wanting to lose more. After I have gone through everything I will let the piles sit for a day or so and then go back and make sure that I still feel them same about each item or I need to put something in a different pile. Then I can take the give away stuff to my local charity and feel good about it.

The other fun thing to do while you are going through your clothes is to come up with ideas for a different color or type of clothing that would extend your already existing ward robe. So when you are out shopping the next time you will have some ideas for what to look for and then you have less chance of buying something that does not go with anything.

Fall tops  are a great thing to play around with. You can add leggings, jeans or even a skirt and boots. I tend to spend more on tops because of this reason. The link at the beginning of the paragraph will take you to see some of the cute ones that I found.


Take a look at some ideas for fall 

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